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What does a washer hookup look like

what does a washer hookup look like

be 6 to 18 inches above the floor. Theres also the cheap but slow method of a clothesline or drying rack, which just requires you to hang up your clothes and wait a while. If you want a top-of-the-line washer with more bells and whistles (such as different wash cycles and speeds to accommodate various kinds of fabric you can spend as much as 800. Level the top of the machine, adjusting its front feet as needed. Otherwise, the washer will need to drain into a standpipe, a 2-inch-diameter pipe with a built-in trap that taps into the nearest drainpipe. They work the same way as full-sized dryers they tumble your clothes while blowing in heat but theyre just smaller. Its a lot to deal with, but a portable washing machine is still a viable option if: Your apartment doesnt have hookups. 2, connect the washing machine supply hoses to the proper valves (again, be sure that you connect them to the right valves). Read all our laundry articles here! They dont require hookups, but portable isnt the best descriptor: to fit in the machinery for washing and drying, they tend to be quite large and heavy.

If there is an existing laundry sink, you can hook the washers drain hose over the sinks edge. Load the washer on the hand truck sideways so its narrowest dimension will fit through doorways. Replacing an old washer with a new one is an easy task, as outlined below. Let us know how you feel in the comments below. As with any appliance, specific models have different features and instructions, so follow the manual that came with your machine. The operation is simple, even if there are a lot of steps. The top of the standpipe should be between 18 and 30 inches above the trap (some codes allow up to 42 inches). You can get lightweight, portable washing machines perfect for apartments without washer/dryer connections.

You dont want to go to a laundromat, and you desperately need something clean to wear to work on Monday. If youre installing a washer in a new location, you will need to run hot and cold water supply pipes to the connection point and terminate each with a shutoff valve and possibly a water-hammer arrester to prevent the pipes from banging when the washers.